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Our Story

My wife, Jen, and I both grew up in Central Illinois. We have been married for 15 years with four wonderful children. When our daughter was almost 2, she got pretty sick and we felt she needed a more stable environment, so we decided to move our family to Arizona. We honestly didn’t know what the Lord had planned for our family. We didn’t even know where we would live or attend church. After a lot of searching, we found a home and then settled on a church to attend. We immediately fell in love with the church, and after a short time, knew that was where God wanted us. Over time, we became family and added a whole new family in Arizona. It wasn’t an easy transition, but the Lord brought us people to help us grow and help reveal what our purpose as a family was in Arizona. During our time in Illinois, I worked in fire and EMS for over 20 years, in both volunteer and paid positions. I also worked in various roles in law enforcement for over 6 yrs. I have been an instructor for various types of classes for numerous years. During this time, the Lord has shown me how he can use me to reach people in need and show them Christ’s Love. I feel this is where the Lord has molded and prepared me for what he has in store in Arizona.

As for my wife, she has been a registered nurse for the past 15 years. She was an RN at a Level 1 Trauma center where she was able to grow and became an assistant manager for the Emergency Department. During her time there, the Lord used her to minister to individuals, families, and coworkers often in some of their greatest times of need. The Lord continued to grow her and gave her a passion to go further in her studies. In 2014, she graduated with her master’s in nursing and became a Family Nurse Practitioner. After becoming a Nurse Practitioner, she worked in an outpatient family practice office for a community hospital in Illinois. When we moved our family to Arizona, she ran an employee health clinic here in Arizona.

After about a year in Arizona, the Lord showed me that we were supposed to start a medical clinic. I brought it to Jen, and she didn’t agree initially. I told the Lord that if this is of You, You will have to show her what Your will is for us. Over the next year and a half, the Lord worked in both of us and grew us and our family stronger together. His timing was perfect through all of this, and Jen and I didn’t realize everything he was preparing. The Lord also worked on her, and she gave me the green light to start the process of opening a medical clinic, which started the beginning of June 2022. This is when God started to really amaze us. We told the Lord that this is Your clinic, and we are just here to work it for You.

As we progressed, the Lord never failed to supply what we needed or someone to help us along the way. It was absolutely amazing to see how the Lord provided and continues to provide and how he placed the pieces together. We had no clue what to even name this clinic, and the Lord showed us the name “Healing Hands Medical Clinic”. It was amazing to see how the Lord brought individuals together to create our board of directors and how each person’s talents complimented the overall mission of our clinic. Creating a Logo was also not an easy feat, but the Lord brought us the individuals we needed to get this accomplished. We really struggled with the colors of the logo, but during a business trip for the clinic, the Lord told me to look at the meanings of the colors. That’s when He showed me what the colors should be and their meaning. Blue signifies the healing power of God (Luke 8: 40-48), Green signifies life and restoration and the Glory of God, and Silver signifies the refining of our hearts and is used as a precious metal.

The Lord has shown and taught our family so much through this time. It is amazing to think we are in February of 2023 and close to opening this clinic. We are excited to be able to serve the Lord and meet the needs of individuals and families who need healthcare. We want to thank those individuals, friends and family members who have supported us and helped make this possible. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You! We will see where the Lord will take this clinic and how He will use us to support His mission for the Kingdom of Heaven.