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Direct Primary Care FAQs

What is Direct Primary Care?
DPC is a new model of healthcare that focuses on putting the patient first and restoring the patient-doctor relationship. That mean treating the patient when they need it, never rushing through appointments, and being proactive in creating treatment plans. For a low, flat monthly fee you get unlimited office visits with no copayment, direct access to your doctor by cell phone, text, email, same day or next day visits, extended, relaxed office visits, access to discounts on medications, labs, pathology and imaging, all without the need for insurance. We remove the intrusiveness of health insurance and deliver affordable and personal care, unparalleled by any other model.

Does Healing Hands Medical Clinic accept insurance, medicare, or AHCCCS?
No, we do not accept insurance, medicare, or AHCCCS. This frees us from contractual agreements that prevent physicians in traditional practice from offering wholesale prices on medication, laboratory tests and imaging.

Can I still become a member if i have medicare?
Yes. You need only sign a one-time waiver declaring that neither you nor your doctor will directly bill Medicare for our services. Medicare will still cover any laboratory testing, imaging, medications, or hospitalizations prescribed by our offices.

Do I still need insurance?
We do recommend all patients have and maintain insurance coverage for medical catastrophes such as trauma, cancer and unexpected surgery. We recommended you opt for a lower cost, higher deductible plan that would still offer you coverage, but would lower your monthly premium.

What if I don’t have insurance?
HHMC will take care of you just like everyone else

What if I need care on the weekend?
If you have an urgent after-hours concern that you believe cannot wait for routine business hours, we will be available by phone to assist you. We do ask that on the weekends, routine needs or matters wait for normal business hours.

What kind of copayment will I have to pay for office visits?
Zero. Your monthly membership covers the costs of office visits as often as they are needed. We only charge an additional fee if we provide discounted medications or labs. We will always tell you ahead of time what any additional charges you would be responsible for- imagine that, knowing what a medical service costs right up front and not 4-6 months later.

If I have Medicare, can I still join Healing Hands Medical Clinic?
Yes, You only need to sign a one time waiver declaring that neither you nor your doctor will directly bill Medicare for our services. Medicare will still cover laboratory testing, imaging, medication, or hospitalization ordered by our office.

Will I benefit from Healing Hands Medical Clinic if I don’t require frequent medical attention?
Yes! While we always provide care for our sick patients, it is important to be proactive and create plans for staying healthy. Certainly, everyone benefits from healthcare tailored to them.

What is not available at Healing Hands Medical Clinic?
We do not manage chronic pain and do not prescribe chronic pain medication. We do not have or keep any pain medication at the clinic. This is because these medications are heavily regulated, need substantial monitoring, have a high rate of diversion and for most patients, long term, are detrimental to their overall health.

Can I submit charges to my insurance company?

Can I get reimbursed for Healing Hands Medical Clinic fees from my HSA?
Yes, you can use your HSA card to pay for qualifying expenses such as labs and medications. Check with your Human Resources department to see if you can use your HSA card for membership fees.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?
Please see a tax accountant, for consultation and/or legal advice with regards to your membership fees being tax deductible.

Do you perform DOT physicals?