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Medical Deductible vs. Direct Primary Care

Typical Health Insurance Plan Direct Primary Care (DPC)
The average medical deductable is between $3000 – $6000 per year. The average yearly concierge fee for DPC is $900 [1] . That's 75% – 85% less than your deductible.
Insurance kicks in after you pay your deductible. This means a huge out of pocket expense. $75 per month gets you unlimited visits with no copays, visit fees, or deductibles. You'll also get 24/7 access to your doctor and discounted medications.
You won't know the cost of things like doctors visits, labs, wart removals, etc., until down the road when you receive the bill in the mail. DPC offers complete transparency. You will know all costs on the day of service. Most procedues are included, such as in office surgeries, sutures, EKG, stress tests, and more.
So why choose DPC?
You are paying cash for almost everything for the same poor access, short visits, and poor relationship with your doctor. For about $2.50 per day, you get around the clock access to your doctor, a real relationship, long appointments, no crowded waiting rooms, and a doctor when you need them most. Plus so much more!



[1] Direct Primary Care: Practice Distribution and Cost Across the Nation