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Employee Health Care

Helping Arizona Businesses Manage Employee Health Care

Are you an Arizona business owner who is looking for a more affordable, practical, and responsible way to manage employee health care? Perhaps the cost of employee health care has taken a toll on your profits and made it harder to hire and maintain good help? At Healing Hands Medical Clinic we understand that employee health care is a big selling point for keeping your employees happy, but also can be a big burden on business owners. That’s where Direct Primary Care comes in!

Employee Health Care Can Be Expensive!

Make no mistake about it, providing employee health care is very costly! According to this website the average cost for single employee health care in 2022 was $7,911 whereas the average cost for family employee health care in 2022 was $22,463. In case you haven’t caught onto it already, those are staggering numbers! As a business owner all it takes is a number of employees with families and you are easily spending $100,000 or more on employee health care for your employees and their families.

How Can Direct Primary Care Help?

Direct Primary Care is the long sought after solution for Arizona businesses who are struggling to manage employee health care costs. Direct Primary Care is affordable and at HHMC we offer Arizona businesses package discounts on employee health care. By pairing Direct Primary Care with a catastrophic health insurance plan for your employees, you are able to dramatically lower your operating costs and at the same time keep your employees happier!

Why Would My Employees Be Happier?

There’s a good reason your employees would be happier as a matter of fact! One of the biggest benefits of Direct Primary Care is the fact that doctors are no longer spending over half of their day filling out paperwork and dealing with insurance companies. Direct Primary Care frees the doctor up so that he or she can focus almost entirely on seeing patients. And not only do we get to see more patients this way, we also have the ability to spend much more time with the patient. Lastly, employees will be much happier with a Direct Primary Care doctor as they’ll have 24/7 access to the doctor via phone and text. Often times a prescription or diagnoses can be made without even having to come into the office!

Employee Health Care for The Arizona East Valley

HHMC strives to offer affordable employee health care to all business owners. We have clinics located in both San Tan Valley and Chandler but are happy to see anyone, regardless of where you live in Arizona. Direct Primary Care is a fantastic and affordable employee health care solution for those in Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Florence, Casa Grande, and Maricopa. Contact us today to see what we can do for your businesses employee health care.

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